Rasvan Aoki, a lovers rock/reggae fusion duet from the city of Surabaya launched their debut album entitled Tyaga on 23 February 2018. The group formed in year 2012 released debut album with unique name “Tyaga”. The choice of the word "Tyaga" itself related to themes raised by two personel from Rasvan Aoki, Rasvan Daus (Vocals, guitar and percussion) and Aoki Chan (Vocals), it’s about sincerity in various aspects of human life. Word "Tyaga" itself comes from a single word in the Ancient Sanskrit treasury language,

means: "do sincere deeds, without seeing the end result.".

Tyaga's album is a hard work and full of collaboration from Rasvan Aoki who pioneered since 2013. During that time Rasvan and Aoki composed many songs eventually

after going through the selection process, eight songs choosen to be included in the album. The long process colored by many obstacles; among others, inv\olvement Rasvan and Aoki in several music and art projects outside Rasvan Aoki. The recording process from these eight songs instead of being a one-way communication between Rasvan Aoki and band session player. The existence of a two-way relationship, done so that full band session player also participate giving and receiving colors in all the music created by Rasvan Aoki. Could said the process of recording “Tyaga” used a democratic team player way, so the full session player teamare also quite comfortable playing Rasvan Aoki’s songs, both in the studio and while performing live.

Eight songs in Tyaga are much inspired by the daily life of Rasvan Aoki. The inspiration that Rasvan and Aoki get comes from both of their problems in their lives, between fellow indie musicians,family,workmates,community ,friends, to coffee shops and strangers they meet on the street.

“Rindu”  song, became the opening track on this album, as well as being the first single of Rasvan Aoki which was officially released on July 28, 2017. This song and it’s video clip became the opening act, also the path of Rasvan Aoki to introduce their identity and music to bigger audiences. The supporting video of this song produced by Rasvan Aoki themselves, taken in Surabaya as well as Thailand.

After releasing their second song called “when you’re asleep”, they will release their third song “untamed heart” along with the full album this February 23, 2018. This song has a unique story, since it was in Indonesian language before. Aoki manage to change the beat and the vibes by telling sad love story in English, then rasvan agree to remake the music by the end, and they record it in only few hours, bit ended up as aoki’s favourite song in the album.

Themes of everyday life and human identity are the background of the songs in Tyaga. “Rasa Itu” song, brings up the brilliant toasting from singer called King Mas Mus, explains the obsession and the ambition that has always been the impetus for humans to achieve something without thinking twice to reach it. The beat up rhythm in “Promise” is pretty strong inside, conveys a message about a person's loyalty in making a promise. A touch of reggae jazz in a rage with a brass section accompaniment can make the listener feel the poem about outrage in the song “Gusar”. The daily theme continues in “Coffee Story”, explaining the importance of coffee in human life, where coffee drinks become friends enjoying time in the morning for many people in Indonesia, from pedicab drivers to the president. The ballad song “When You're Sleep” has a chance to become a favorite track to the fans, especially with the melancholy arrangement of the violin and cello that accompanied the voice of Aoki also gave a strong impression about the theme of loyalty in this song. “Call Me Blue” became the last song at once became the song with the most complicated composition of the Tyaga album. Telling about chemistry between the two

humans are often much stronger than just a feeling of "love", this song displays

Rasvan's expressive solo guitar that blends nicely with the odd-time signature arrangement of the brass section instrument.

Rasvan aoki gives their best and honesty while creating a musical masterpiece in “Tyaga” album. Aoki’s ability to sing the lyrics of the song in “Tyaga” gently without having to bring a hyperbolic and shouting, but able to lift a strong emotional atmosphere for the listener. Guitar playing and composition blend Rasvan made “Tyaga” album as an alternative to new music in Surabaya indie music scene which has been stretched in recent years.

“Tyaga” album will be launched digitally on February 23, 2018. While launching

the physical will be realized in the next few months. All digital display artwork as well

physically from the Tyaga album, designed by creative collaborator in Rasvan Aoki, Ipung Kurniawan (Nalta 097) in a spiritualistic and inspiring look. Ipung also proposed

said Sanskrit "Tyaga" as the title of this debut album from Rasvan Aoki. The soft launching of Rasvan Aoki's debut album titled "Tyaga" will take place at Qubicle Suropati 84 on Jalan Untung Suropati no.84, Surabaya since 18.00 WIB. Events will be filled with the introduction of Tyaga album by Rasvan Aoki, music hearing, discussion and work closed with gratitude and selector performance. Rasvan Aoki will invite co-fellow musicians, community friends who support the creation of Tyaga and the album media crew.

by : Muhammad Firman

artwork by Nalta 097

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