“Rindu” video clip

On the side line soft he business to complete the material of their first album, Rasvan Aoki took the time to release a video clip of their first single, ‘Rindu’. This jazz reggae duo is also nothalf-hearted, the scenes was teken from 2 different countries, namely Indonesia and Thailand. The plotit self tell soft wo figures separated by distance and time, according to the lyrics. “It tells the story of two people who were brought together in Thailand’s White Elephant Country, knowing each other and creating mutual moments. But to bequitesatisfied with just remembering because then they are a part distance and time while hoping someday meet again, ”

Despite in volving twoc ountries, Rasvan Aoki packs their video clip with quite minimalist. Starting from the talent,to the team behind the scenes are someof their friends during college, some of the video in Thailand and bromo mountain was taken by aoki it self, and the other scenes were shoot by their own fellas, such as Tian Base Wienjaya, Yoga Primanata, Dibba Nugroho, and Yoyo who helped took the scenes. For editing entrusted to Iyung, afigure who also worked on Heavy Monster’s ‘GotNoJob’ clip. While the talent is filled by Aoki with Uncle Twis. Thailand’s own electionisals on otintentional, because previously Aoki and twis had the opportunity to stayed inThailand with collective Waft-Lab that invited by Wonderfruit Festival on 16-19 February 2016.

Now their video clip canal ready be play directly through the account of official Rasvanaoki Youtube channel. Before uploaded to Youtube, Rasvan Aoki also had time to do screening on ”independent creativity” event at Colors Radio (28/7). At the screening they also had time to talk about the plan aheds, where their first album was being prepared with more diverse musical colors.

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