Rasvan Aoki – When you’re asleep

In this October 2017, Rasvan Aoki released a second single titled "when you're asleep". Unlike the song "Rindu", this song packed with quite minimalist.
The string quartet instrument accompanies the strains of Rasvan’s guitar and Aoki’s vocal.
Being in a relationship, It’s not always about happiness. Sometimes you can only know that you’re in love when you’re in sorrow. This songs reminds you about being honest to yourself in the days you’re lonely. The moment you began to love somebody and realize, you are ready to welcome the pain of love for ages.
Aoki writes the lyrics while Rasvan jamming a sad tunes with his guitar in rainy days. It might be personal things going on, but it happens to everyone. It might be best friends, boyfriend or your wife, and it can be a loved one from your family. The lyrics contains honesty feelings of loving someone better than discribing about love itself. And that we know, we can remember the joy full in sadness feelings.

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