Rasvan Aoki is an indie band from Surabaya, Indonesia. Their music combines reggae, and jazz mixed with blues, sometimes swing melodies, plus it’s coming from aoki’s sweet but lazy tone colour. Started from easy project to serious bunch of kids that trying to make an physical album release, now they have been playing stage by stage from 2012 until now. Augmented with complex instrumentation, including guitars, saxophone, piano, cello, bass and drums, their first album offers you a honest stories from everyday love and mournful feelings spilled out by aoki and rasvan.

The band that named up from it’s own personal members, first played accidentally from a college event, when rasvan asked aoki to sing one of his song. Now, they have already released one of their single called “Rindu”, which you can easily download here.

Most of the members from rasvan aoki studied their musical skills from the same university, and that’s when it all started. They hardly found it’s best members until now, become the strongest identity ingredients they ever felt like jammed into. The vibes of an easy afternoon, windy seascape air, high mountain greenery, yet making you feels like dancing to the beat for a while.